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Search engine for industry

The desire and the spirit of enterprise, combined with the pleasure of experiencing, led to combine concepts that are seemingly distant from each other, such as management engineering, computer science and entrepreneurship. The combination of these has allowed an enterprising young man, and others like him, to enter into the domain of self, supported by the potential of the network, then still largely untapped in the field of small and medium enterprise, made ​​possible by the technology of information.

Everyone knows about the search engines. Google and Yandex are good examples. The principle of operation is very simple for the user. The latter enters the “homepage” of the search engine, for example yandex.com, enter in the search field and search for what he intends to send the request. The engine responds with the results shown by a number of pages with links (links) directed to other websites.

They are very numerous search engines developed in the world. For them, the experts study and implement very complex algorithms: on the other hand the same Yandex and Google have developed an artificial intelligence system, which provides even and track user behavior. All you really need to business needs?

A simple step
A simple step

We propose a little experiment simulating a research conducted in industry. To this end it is assumed that the engineer. Rossi intends to develop a search on a clutch disc with a diameter of 400 mm. This request identifies Google 1.060.000 results, Yandex 513.000. The ing. Rossi should study at least a small part of these results to get the answer to your question, if the answer is available in that set, and really there in general.

Google results
Google results
Yandex results
Yandex results

As a rule, the initial results suggested by the search engines identify major web portals are characterized by “pagerank” very high, followed by the websites of big companies, which in addition to a “pagerank” high also possess a team of SEO experts responsible for the positioning and of indexing of their sites, which often have no connection with the search of Eng. Rossi. One of the results could also be the wikipedia page that explains the engineer what a clutch disk, or it can be the eBay page where a private offering to sell the clutch of an old tractor owned by, or the e-commerce page Alibaba on which they are collected proposals for thousands of Chinese clutch discs on sale, finally a facebook page of a musical group called “clutch 400 W”.

Therefore, the search result is a glimpse of a huge and complex information world, characterized by its own rules, from which it appears with great evidence that the quality of information, from the engineering point of view, is rather limited.

Why this happens?

The main cause lies in the structure of the data, or, otherwise expressing this concept, in its absence cumbersome. Search engines act, in fact, on an immeasurable amount of information of different nature, for great is the set of sites created by other web masters who are in possession of knowledge and skills are very different and, perhaps, some of they acted in psychological situation uncertain, while the activity of development of the site. In addition to these many factors, difficult to control, even the algorithms used in search engines influence the final result. Therefore, given the complex information gathering, Mr. Rossi was able to receive only 5-10%, and that after investing long hours of network activity. The other useful and necessary information, the engineer will necessarily recover outside of it.

It obvious that in the case of firms is only need for more accurate. There is no added value in collecting large amounts of results: very often it is a 10 or 5, sometimes even just one, because in the case of industry, this is often a specific technology, a specific manufacturing process, or a component which also responds to specific technical features.

And interesting to draw attention to the first result from the proposed Industrial Cloud.


It observes a page containing only the object of research Eng. Rossi, the technical parameters of the clutch disc 400 mm, its description, its components, the field and the field of application and, if lucky, are also present its technical design and image.

Product group
Product group

After verification of the relevance of that information, you can also retrieve the company profiles of manufacturers on the same disc.

The one shown is a simple example of how the information can be structured, see that it is quality, now very high, and the speed with which it was collected, definitely higher than that found in the general search.

So how can it be described research conducted in the domain industry?

The person who seeks answers to your questions on the network, he must spend a lot of time and sometimes can not find the right ones. In the case of a research in this domain time is precious and not always the whole information can be found in the network with the generalist approach, whereas for against that the search outside the network, then conducted in the traditional way, has very high costs.

Of course companies do not choose the optimal solution, but choose the best among those directly and immediately sustainable.

On the other hand, there are companies that want to offer solutions, describe a new technology useful for specific industrial processes, promoted to specific areas and sectors, and for products whose processes could derive significant added value.

To identify appropriate solutions tailored to the needs, the company has been analyzed as a complex ecosystem production. The production company has been examined from various points of view, projecting that same reality in different planes of perspective planning and virtual models simplified.

The availability of simplified models of the company allows to study the interactions between businesses more efficiently.

The examples of B2B interaction can be the following:

  • Trade Cooperation between two or more companies
  • Cooperation within an industrial district
  • Shared development of a technology
  • Joint purchase of a plant
  • Provision of others of a manufacturing process

Following the analysis of the patterns of interaction of a select group of companies has been possible to observe some regularity, especially in the procedures followed to establish the first contact and to search for a potential partner. In addition, it has been possible to show in all cases the very limited use of information technology and the internet by employers.

Based on the idea of introducing new elements into the classical models of interaction between businesses, the experiments have led to the development of a procedure which allows to represent a company as a production system described by a set of parameters that configure the interaction of this system with other production systems equivalent.

Identified these parameters and track the business model, has been identified a case study on which the model could be developed in order to compare it with other models, corresponding to the same companies. The development of the comparison between these models virtual enterprises can, in fact, to identify areas of common interest and identify the information needed to support potential interactions in the virtual space.

Company modeling
Company modeling

Tomorrow technologies “cloud” will be normal. Already today, Apple normally holds all the information in the cloud, Yandex also aims to create images and keep them in the cloud, Facebook is organizing maps of relationships between people in the cloud, so “Industrial Cloud” is proposed as a solution appropriate to create an image dynamics of the industrial system and also keep in “the cloud.”

The main difference lies in the fact that while the platforms generalist pursue the goal of “making the affairs of others” through the acquisition of personal information, Industrial Cloud helps companies to “do business” and does not collect any personal information. All information that IC asks businesses can be acquired freely on the Internet, nothing is gained in addition to the data already available through the reading of the catalog company.

The image of the company represented in the network through virtual models can improve the orientation and the effectiveness of its action in the reality of the market. The company is at the top of the pyramid information and decide independently how to get around and introduce yourself to the real world. The speed of propagation of information in the network, used correctly, provides a significant competitive edge, as it reduces drastically the time of reaction, whether the search time required to locate a technology, a product, a system, a process or a project partner.

Industrial Cloud is a solution that, on a technical level, the Network offers extended in the industrial domain and on two levels, the first of which should draw up a structured organization of data to ensure an efficient exchange of information industrial nature, the second is instead interpreted as a social network of industrial inspiration, whose main function, just as happens in the case of the generalist, is related to the logic of exchanging information and establishing and managing new contacts, in this If all members of the domain of industrial planning.

This virtual ecosystem aggregates the productive potential of many industrial plants and makes possible the creation of new industrial and technological cooperation on national and international scale.

Industrial Cloud offers the opportunity to observe and draw in a new perspective and strategic space of economic interactions between firms through the network of the future, where the information barriers are overcome through new scenarios promoted by the pervasiveness of technology information.

Enterprises interactions
Enterprises interactions

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