Cold rooms

Today precast cold rooms are the most demanded on the market of refrigeration equipment. Thanks to their modular design, such rooms are very convenient for transport and installation. A standard modular freeser can be assembled in a few hours without special tools. Using modular panels of various sizes, a room of desired volume can be mounted with ease as well.

Cold rooms by IsoTecnoCold

Their modular structure consists of sandwich panels of various sizes. Each precast cold room includes a set of wall sandwich pannels, the ceiling and floor panels, a door unit with a two-sided fastening and a locking mechanism, fasteners and fittings.

Wall, floor and ceiling panels are generally fabricated in several universal sizes. Their combination allows creating the cold rooms of almost any dimensions.

The panels are made of galvanized 0.5 mm thick steel sheets, covered with a layer of plastic. The insulating layer is made of polyurethane foam injected under high pressure. Due to this mechanism, the structure of the panels are completely absent of voids which ensures high efficiency. Temperature conditions are determined by the thickness of the insulating panel of 70, 80, 100 and 140 mm. The corners of the cold rooms are curved thus gaining the structural strength plus improvements for the cold flow dynamics.

Thanks to the special “mortise and tenon” joint system the room can be mounted very quickly. For safety reasons the pavement panels have anti-skid effect. As for the refrigeration units, mono blocks or split system can be used. According to customer’s preference, construction can be equipped with sliding, hinged or container doors which are also manufactured by ISOTECNOCOLD. Utilizing the panels of different sizes permits the assembling of the structure for different dimensions. The average volume of the cold room is in the range of 2 to 100 cubic meters.

The surface of the panel is covered with polyethylene film that prevents mechanical damage during the installation or transportation phases and can be easily removed after mounting. All materials used for manufacturing the sandwich panels have good tolerance to aggressive environments.

Usage of Cold Rooms

Refrigerated storage units are one of the main elements for the trading industry. Thanks to them, it is possible to store goods such as foods, beverages, flowers etc which require cold environment.

Company Profile

IsoTecnoCold is a small Italian manufacturer located in the suburbs of Turin, Feletto.

Production of cold rooms and door units by IsoTecnoCold roots from the idea of its ​​Technical Director of the company Antonio who is the inspirer and organizer of the processes. With 40 years of experience in refrigeration equipments, he knows exactly how to isolate cold with efficiency.

The two main industrial processes consist of the preparation of steel galvanized sheets and the filling of the panels with foam under high pressure.

The company consists of 15-20 qualified personnel managing all directions of the manufacturing process, industrial and detailing.

One of the most distinguishing features of IsoTecnoCold over other Italian manufacturers lies on the production of both cold rooms and their corresponding door units which simplifies the task for the customers.

IsoTecnoCold Business Connections

As IsoTecnoCold manufactures both cold rooms and their corresponding door units, it is possible to customize the order for a cold room or the door unit.

IsoTecnoCold Manufacturing Process: polyurethane foam, foam injection presses, vacuum lifters, suction pads, “mortice and tenon” joints, hooks and spacers for panels, galvanized steel coils with plastic coating.

The commercial strategy of the company is managed by Davide Vona, who is responsible for answering all questions on business matters.

Industry Report

The manufacturing system, divided in two principle parts of “Batch” and “Job shop” which are optimized for manufacturing elements of high quality with production capacity. Being flexible at manufacturing it can also meet the customer specific requirements.