The industrial report unlike the traditional newspaper article is written by an engineer instead of a journalist. It allows us to represent the company in the analytical perspective of engineering, taking advantage of the firm’s special features as a production system.

The expert’s opinion about the company facilitates, in fact, the understanding of the industrial reality by other engineers and entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to check immediately the substance of the business represented with a respect to their interests.

As for readers, engineers or entrepreneurs, they may use all the elements needed of the articles to evaluate potential collaboration. The ability to perform such assessment before an actual meeting between the companies allows businessmen to have greater awareness already at the first meet and also to save time if there are not significant conditions to promote beneficial cooperation for both parties.

The development of the industrial Report provides a visit in personal on the firm by division during the visit it is possible to prepare the multimedia materials. In particular, it is planned to conduct an interview with the company’s representatives about the following points:

  1. A brief history of the company, identification of the primary product or service, secondary product / service, projects in progress and planned in short terms;
  2. Overall strategic scenario, identification of the “network” business; description of the company’s location;
  3. Location and description of industrial plants, the production system, production departments, identification of the manufacturing cells with its corresponding manufacturing processes;
  4. Determining the layout of the plants, industrial buildings, Electrical / Thermal / Lighting plants, Energy Efficiency, environmental impact, eco-sustainability (to confirm).

Each of the points mentioned above is coordinated and specifically authorized by the company.

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