INDUSTRIAL CLOUD SRL, a startup from the Polytechnic University of Turin, has decided to offer manufacturing companies a free trial of its services. The digital platform promotes interaction between businesses, enabling the creation of new and profitable relationships.
The system digitalises the productive and technological capacity of each company and collects industrial requests made by companies on the platform (searches for a product/service, for a retail network, industrial partners or engineering solutions for products or processes). Through its algorithm, Industrial Cloud processes and sends this information to the relevant companies that can reply by sending their commercial proposals.

How to try INDUSTRIAL CLOUD for free.

In order to take advantage of the tools provided by the platform, companies need to register and complete their industrial profile with a detailed description of the company’s productive and technological capacity. The sophisticated digital platform works in a simple and intuitive way, clearly stating which information to insert in the fields (for example, the main product/service offered by the company).
Any company doing this will receive 25 free credits to use for interactions with other businesses they would normally need a subscription for, such as sending a quote for industrial requests made by other companies.
Once the initial credit has run out, INDUSTRIAL CLOUD will top up those companies that have performed specific actions. For example, every time a company decides to expand its industrial profile by adding a product/service, it will be awarded 5 credits. Every time the platform is used to make an industrial proposal, 10 credits will be added. If a company receives a request that cannot be met in the short term and forwards it to another business within the platform, 5 credits will be given.
Why is INDUSTRIAL CLOUD offering a free trial of its services?
Because we believe that this tool is essential to small and medium companies wishing to be competitive within the market. In this difficult and unstable historical period, we want to give all companies the opportunity to see for themselves why our product is so valuable.
INDUSTRIAL CLOUD believes that in the information era, the exchange of industrial information and the start of cooperation between companies are key in order to decrease business risks.
Why not give it a try?