INDUSTRIAL CLOUD, the productive capacity marketplace


The XXI century is the era of Industry 4.0 and manufacturing companies are facing a delicate but imminent challenge: the digitalisation of production. This necessary step enables the full use of production line capacity and growth in efficiency.
INDUSTRIAL CLOUD is here to help companies by offering them an intelligent method to monitor and optimize the productive and technological capacity of each piece of industrial equipmenSistema di monitoraggio tagliatat.
INDUSTRIAL CLOUD does this by acquiring from the manufacturer the technical specifications of each piece of machinery to assess its maximum capacity.
At the same time the system records and monitors the real productivity of these machines using IoT devices specifically created for industrial production.
Thanks to the automated comparison of these two sets of data, INDUSTRIAL CLOUD provides business owners exact and constantly updated information about the real efficiency of their factories and/or production lines.
This procedure is used for both analog and digital machines.
The system for the digitalisation of production created by INDUSTRIAL CLOUD is currently focusing on five industrial activities:

• Pressing;
• Milling;
• Broaching;
• Turning;
• 3D printing.

Digitalising production

But the real innovation that INDUSTRIAL CLOUD is introducing to the industrial productive system goes beyond what has been described so far. The project aims in fact to create international digital mapping of the unused productive potential within companies, capacity that will be used to meet orders from other companies within the INDUSTRIAL CLOUD system.
INDUSTRAL CLOUD will create a new marketplace of industrial productive capacity and generate new virtual productions, optimising the efficiency of Italian and international companies by using 100% of their production capability.

Industry 4.0 has many objectives:

• IC acquires production data directly from machinery in an automatic and constant way.
• IC shows the current productivity and available capacity of each production line.
• IC records productivity data on the machines in real time and files it for an extended period of time.
• IC provides companies information that can be easily used by both operators and management, in order to have total control of the company’s production and expenses.

Companies will benefit by:
• Obtaining an overall picture of their productive capacity.
• Finding new clients interested to taking advantage of their unused productive capacity.
• Receive reliable, detailed and frequently updated online information on the productive situation of their machines.
• Achieving industrial growth thanks to greater productivity, efficiency and quality.

[one_half] Ultimately, if it is true that moving to Industry 4.0 forces companies to make a new economic investment, it is essential to note that such a process will eventually reduce further production costs, first and foremost the cost of unused industrial productive capacity. INDUSTRIAL CLOUD’s system and its benefits are accessible by micro and small businesses, the real fibre of the Italian industrial system.